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Empowering Success Through Education: Your College Advising Partner

Welcome to SSU Educational Consulting, LLC, your dedicated ally in education. As your trusted partner, we specialize in college advising, test prep, & educational support. Our mission is simple: empowering individuals for success through education.

Navigating Higher Education

At SSU Educational Consulting, we understand the significance of making informed decisions about higher education. Our specialized expertise lies in college advising, guiding you through the intricate landscape of college applications, admissions, & affordability.

Affordability at the Core

We’re not just about getting into college; we’re about getting into the right college—the best fit for you—while keeping affordability in mind. Our focus on college affordability ensures that you not only achieve your academic goals but do so with financial well-being in sight.

Comprehensive Services

In addition to college advising, we offer comprehensive test prep & consulting services. From assisting with standardized test preparation to career counseling, curriculum selection to accreditation support, & diversity training, we are here to provide expert guidance across various educational aspects.

Your Journey to Excellence Begins Here

Whether you’re a student or a parent striving to find the best college fit, aiming to improve test scores on the SAT or ACT exams, or seeking affordability in higher education, SSU Educational Consulting is your trusted partner for success. We specialize in helping students & parents achieve their goals, from identifying the right college fit to optimizing affordability & enhancing test performance. Additionally, for organizations looking to enhance educational practices, we provide valuable insights & support to ensure success in the field of education.

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Empowering Educational Institutions: Expert Guidance

At SSU Educational Consulting, LLC, we specialize in empowering educational institutions. Our experienced team collaborates with K-12 schools, colleges, & universities, enhancing educational quality. From accreditation support to teacher training & curriculum selection, we offer comprehensive services. For private schools, we ensure financial sustainability through effective fund development, including fundraising & grant writing.

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Empowering Through Career Counseling, GED, & College Transfer

Informed choices fuel career success. At SSU Educational Consulting, LLC, we provide personalized career counseling for youth and adults. Our experts help you explore passions, interests, and skills to find the right path. With assessments and guidance, we empower informed choices that lead to a rewarding future.

We also welcome adults seeking a GED to apply to college. Our guidance extends to GED test prep, supporting your transition to higher education. Additionally, if you’re considering college transfer, trust us to help you navigate the journey.

Trust us to guide your career journey, educational aspirations, GED preparation, and college transfer plans.

Expertise in Diverse Education Fields

Our team of consultants brings extensive knowledge and experience in various education fields, including curriculum development, online education, diversity and inclusion, and strategic planning.

Tailored Solutions for Educational Excellence

We understand that every educational institution is unique. We offer customized solutions that address specific needs, ensuring enhanced educational quality, improved student outcomes, and long-term success.

Comprehensive Support for Individuals and Institutions

From career counseling to accreditation assistance, teacher training to fund development programs, we provide end-to-end support for individuals and educational institutions, empowering them to achieve their goals and maximize their potential.

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Empowering Education Across Diverse Horizons

SSU Educational Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing comprehensive educational consulting services to a diverse range of stakeholders. Our expertise extends to families, schools, colleges, universities, educational organizations, churches, community groups, and corporations.

Guiding Educational Excellence: We offer tailored services that cater to various educational needs, including gap year planning, career counseling for both youth and adults, college advising with a focus on affordability, GED test preparatory assistance, and comprehensive test prep, encompassing PSAT, SAT, and ACT. Additionally, we provide guidance and advice on transformative summer educational trips abroad for high school students, creating impactful experiences.

Enhancing Institutional Quality: Our collaboration with private K-12 schools encompasses various dimensions. We work to ensure financial sustainability through effective fund development programs, including fundraising and grant writing. Moreover, we offer guidance in board and administrator training, curriculum selection, teacher training, and strategies for enhancing educational quality through strategic plans.

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