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Welcome to SSU Educational Consulting: Empowering Success through Education

A guiding light dedicated to fostering success through the transformative power of education, SSU Educational Consulting is led by Dr. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse, a distinguished leader holding a Ph.D. in higher education. Our team brings forth decades of experience in education, ministry, and leadership. Allow us to present the perspective of Dr. Saint-Ulysse, our esteemed President and CEO:

“My personal journey began as a young immigrant from Haiti, arriving in the United States during my senior year of high school. This early experience instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of education.

Short Bio: Sadrail Saint-Ulysse, PhD, MDiv., MA

Helping students find their ideal college fit and career path is Dr. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse’s passion. With 20+ years in education and a PhD in Higher Ed Admin, he guides students skillfully, emphasizing the crucial importance of aligning their goals with the right college. Dr. Saint-Ulysse is the founder of SSU Educational Consulting, dedicated to shaping lasting success for every student.

Dr. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse, PhD, MDiv., MA, is a distinguished educator and ordained minister with a rich background spanning 24 years within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Throughout his tenure, he held various significant roles, including superintendent of schools, Sabbath school director, senior pastor, school principal, chaplain, church planter, guidance counselor, and teacher.

Transitioning from his esteemed career within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Dr. Saint-Ulysse now serves as the visionary CEO/President of SSU Educational Consulting, an institution he founded to empower success through education. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise, he passionately guides students in finding their ideal college fit and career path.

Dr. Saint-Ulysse’s academic journey is equally noteworthy. He holds undergraduate degrees from Union County College (AAS) and New Jersey City University (BS), both located in New Jersey. His pursuit of knowledge continued with postgraduate achievements, including a Master of Divinity from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan, and a Master of Arts in educational administration from Centenary University in Hackettstown, New Jersey. His dedication to educational excellence culminated in the attainment of a Doctor of Philosophy degree in higher education administration, also from Andrews University.

Furthermore, Dr. Saint-Ulysse is a certified Independent Educational Consultant from the University of California, Irvine, and holds certifications in information technology from Seton Hall University and in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) from Cornell University. Additionally, he obtained a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from Arizona State University’s Global Launch program.

As an ordained minister and advocate for Christian education, Dr. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse authored a significant work in 2022: “The Elephant in the Room: Church Schools Are Drowning: Champions Needed!” This impactful book, published by Christian Faith Publishing, reflects his dedication to nurturing educational excellence and fostering positive change in the educational landscape.

Presently, Dr. Sadrail Saint-Ulysse serves as the visionary CEO/President of SSU Educational Consulting, an institution he founded to empower success through education. His leadership and commitment to making a profound impact in the realm of education continue to inspire and drive positive change.